Please know that every teen is welcome to attend our program.

Regardless if they attend church or not, 

No matter what their background or belief,

Everyone is welcome.

Our desire is to help youth to develop a deep love and passion for God. We enjoy many fun events and learning times together.  There are also opportunities to serve with one another and explore what God has made us for.   We believe the family is the most important structure in all of society. Our desire is to help create opportunities for families to be together and to even explore God together and discover how God has uniquely gifted them.  We desire to be a resource for parents, we believe the church and parents need to partner together to help nurture the best kids the world has ever seen, and we know that is possible only through working together. 


Youth Friday Nights

Youth Night  -  Fridays  7-9pm
We are so excited that you are thinking about hanging out with us!  We pack our Friday evenings full of running, jumping, throwing, hiding, screaming, thinking, dodging and diving. There is small group time to reflect on who God is and why that should make a difference in our lives.  This night is great for any Jr. High or Sr. High, so see you there!

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