Freedom Session

Freedom Session is a Christ centered journey towards freedom and healing from the memories, behaviours or unhealthy patterns of relating we have developed to protect our hearts. It is based on the firm belief in the power of God and His interest in our lives and our pain.  Freedom Session is an instrument that is used by God to do some deep cleansing, healing and transforming of peoples lives.  If you would like to move closer to the "abundant life" Jesus promised, consider joining other men and women who are seeking healing from the pain and wounds in their lives.  This course begins in September.

Good $ense

Freed-Up Financial Living is an outstanding tool designed to help individuals at every stage of their lives effectively deal with day-to-day issues related to finances. Even more, it's about finding the peace, joy, and freedom that come through following biblical financial principles. Learn how to live a God-honouring lifestyle, develop a personal spending plan, prioritize your financial goals, reduce debt and much more.


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