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Aug 22 2017

Pastors Ponderings

Well the summer is quickly coming to an end. Back-to-school sales are in full swing, people are finishing up their vacation time, farmers will soon be getting ready to harvest some of the crops and ministries here at Heart Lake Baptist will soon be gearing up for the fall.

Each season brings its own uniqueness and I have to say I love each one. We are blessed here in Canada to have 4 distinct seasons and having just returned from our vacation out west, the beauty of our country is simply overwhelming. We have much to be thankful for.

As ministries get underway again why not prayerfully consider where you might plug in as a participant or as a leader/helper. Take a good look at our ministry menu and consider coming to P.A.T.H. on Wednesday evenings for a 5 week teaching on leadership. We will examine what is leadership? We will look at the attributes of a leader. We will discuss Bill Hybel's 3 C's for leadership. We will examine key leaders in God's Word and how we can learn from them.

This course will begin on Sept 13th and will run from 7-9pm each Wednesday night. We will start with a time of worship, I will teach on leadership and then the last 30 minutes you will be broken into small groups discussing leadership as it relates to
1) elders/council members;
2) Christian education leaders; (Sunday School, Boys & Girls groups);
3) Youth leaders;
4) facilitators for small groups for our fall church side study;
5) other (such as greeters, other areas of ministry or leaders in the home or your workplace)

So you can see this course will be beneficial to many. Call the church office this week and register for the course. You will be glad you did.


Dr. "T"

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